Baking Powder

Raising agent for your delicacies

How it works


Leavening is an important phenomenon required to provide the characteristic texture of bakery products. Chemical leavening depends upon the reaction between an acid and an alkaline source of carbon dioxide, usually sodium bicarbonate. This gives rise to production of carbon dioxide, which this gas is produced that determines the amount of rise in the final product.

Raising agent for your recipes


Alinda’s  Baking powder is a raising agent in powder form that increases the volume and lighten the texture of baked goods such as muffins, cakes etc.

It should be used as directed in the recipe.

As a guide, to prepare a cake, for every 200grs of flour, add 2 teaspoons (10g) of Alinda’s Baking powder and mix together before adding the remaining ingredients.

To prepare biscuits, for every 325grs of flour, add 3 teaspoons (15g) of Alinda Baking powder and sieve together before adding the remaining ingredients.


cakes, muffins, tortilla and generally where leavening agent is needed.


Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate ( E450i) , Sodium Bicarbonate ( E 500ii) , Maize Starch


Non-GMO, no allergens present


  • 200gr (2x100gr)

  • 500gr.

  • 1kg

  • 10kg

  • 25kg